We aim to represent the rich nature of Oyabe, its colors, shapes and textures, with our confectionery. For this reason we do not use anything superfluous, and use only fine ingredients to simplify our recipes and processes as much as possible. This is the approach we, Goroumaru-ya, have valued for over 260 years.
Our signature “Usugohri” is thin wafers made of Toyama specialty Shin-Taisho glutinous rice, with each surface brushed with Wasanbon sugar from Tokushima prefecture using artisanship passed down through generations. They immediately melt in your mouth leaving the soft flavor of Wasanbon sugar.
Based on Usugohri, “T5” was created to be confectionery favored by the contemporary generation. Made of Japanese natural ingredients, T5 expresses 5 tones and 5 tastes. It has received numerous commendations and awards including selection as a “world-class supreme souvenir” by the Japan Tourism Agency in 2013. Everyday we pour our passion into confectionery making, aiming to set a new standard with our creations while remaining centered around tradition.

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2013 Selected as a “world-class supreme souvenir” by the Japan Tourism Agency
2014 Selected in “The Wonder 500” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2017 Winner of the Honorary President Award at the All Japan Confectionery Expo, Mie prefecture