“One Life, One Item”. I would like to make the mark of my life in the form of confectionery. This wish has been the foundation of my confectionery making as the 16th heir. Confections inevitably reflect the current state of the confectioner such as his/her skills and lifestyle. I created “T5” by pouring all of my memories of the past into it. Reflecting on the over 260-year history of Goroumaru-ya, it is filled with such challenges, through trials and much toil, by confectioners to leave one item for posterity. I feel there is no end for such challenges.
I would like to make purely delicious confections. Such ideal confections can be likened to the form of nature. Receiving the sun’s light, spreading leaves and blooming flowers, it earnestly and steadily fulfills its own life. Just like the beautiful attitude of nature touches our heart, I would like to inspire people with purely delicious confections. There would be no greater happiness if I could create such an item in my life.

Katsuaki Watanabe, 16th Heir of Goroumaru-ya